Paintings by Paul Gale

Sabine's Gull Portland

Masked Shrike Lesvos

Whooper swan


Black stork and white stork Lesvos April 23


Little Auk Weymouth November 2021

Garganey Cattcott March 2022

Blackburnian Warbler Bryher Oct 2022

Cuckoo in gouache

Black-browed Albatross with Gannets at Bempton Yorkshire in September 2021 in acrylics


Black stork in Spain



Banded Pitta, Thailand, Jan 2009, acrylics

Wallace's Standardwing bird of paradise, Halmahera, Sep 2016

Black Woodpecker, Zarnesti Forest, Romania, Aug 2017

King Eider, Ythan Estuary, May 2015, gouache on paper (12 in x 9 in)

Siberian Crane, China January 2015

Red-crowned Cranes and Siberian Crane, China, 2015, gouache (12 in x 9 in)

Black-browed Albatross, South Atlantic, March 2008, gouache (12 in x 9 in)

Scaly-sided Mergansers and Long-billed Plover, China January 2015, oil on canvas (18 in x 14 in)


Next Stop France: A first winter Red-backed Shrike at Portland Dorset September 1995

18 inch x 14 inch, oil on canvas

Stone Curlew, Weeting Heath, Norfolk, Spring 1996

Capercaillie, Rothiemurchus, Scotland, April 2012

16 inch x 16 inch, oil

"Bittern Lea Valley in the mid 1990s"

16 inch x 12 inch, acylic

"Bittern Minsmere"

18 inch x 14 inch, acylic

Yellow-headed Picathartes in Ghana, West Africa

I did this painting soon after my trip to Ghana to raise money to support conservation of the "Picathartes site" in Ghana through Positive Footprints Ghana. The price is 220 GBP to be paid to Positive Footprints Ghana (plus the postage and packing to me - 15 GBP in UK, more for outside UK).

"Returning to roost: the Yellow-headed Picathartes".
Painting by Paul Gale, 16 inch x 12 inch, oil
Raise money for conservation: 220 GBP to Positive Footprints Ghana plus P&P from UK.


Thailand in winter 2009 - a study of wintering Nordmann's Greenshank and Spoon-billed Sandpiper;

Acrylic on canvas, 16 inch x 12 inch


Giant Antpittas in Ecuador, November 2009

16'' x 12'', Oil on canvas


Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, lekking, Ecuador, November 2009

16'' x 12'', Oil on canvas


Wandering Albatross nesting on Prion Island, South Georgia, March 2008

18" x 14" Acrylic on canvas


Gurney's Pitta, Thailand, Jan 2009

16" x 12", Acrylic on canvas


Spectacled Antpitta, Panama, April 2009

12" x 10" Oil on canvas


A study of Snowy Owls - in progress  36 inches x 24 inches, Oil on canvas

Wilson's Bird of Paradise, Waigeo, Sep 2016 (Gouache)

Black Sicklebill, male, West Papua, October 2016 (gouache)

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