Birds of Thailand - The "Spoon-billed Pitta" WildWings tour

26th Jan to 4th February 2009

I thank Mark Andrews and Yotin for their skill and enthusiasm in finding so many bird species.

All photographs copyright Paul Gale

The main birds of the trip......

Gurney's Pitta

Banded Pitta

Nordmann's Greenshank

Spoon-billed Sandpiper

...... and many more

Waders wintering in Thailand

Bee-eaters, Rollers, Trogons & Kingfishers

Frogmouths and Owls

Gulls and Terns

Birds of Prey

Herons and Cormorants

Pittas, Broadbills, Leafbirds and Bluebird



Rails, Crakes and Junglefowl



Flycatchers, Monarchs and Woodshrike

Drongos and crows

Hornbills and Barbets

Woodswallow, Starlings and Mynas



Shrikes, Orioles, Minivets and Fantails

Cuckoos, Malkohas, Hoopoe and Hanging Parrot

Taylorbirds and Babblers

Pipits, Larks, Sparrows and Munias

Prinias and Gerygones

Sunbirds, Spiderhunters and Flowerpeckers

Birds seen but not photographed include:

Rail Babbler,

Thick-billed Green Pigeon,

Large-tailed Nightjar,

Sultan Tit,

Mangrove Pitta

Peregrine Falcon (over Spooner site) and Tree Sparrow

Unidentified Birds

Thrushes and Robins

Mammals in Thailand

Habitats in Thailand

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