Birds of Panama

Panama Canopy Tower trip with Naturetrek

29 Apr to 6 May 2009

All photographs copyright Paul Gale Bird Photography

Total number of bird species photographed here is 179


Antbirds, Antshrikes, Antwrens, Antvireos, Antpittas (13)

Sunbittern (1)

Puffbirds (3)

Birds of Prey (7)

Shorebirds, gulls, skimmers and terns (12)

Herons, Ibises and Storks (7)

Tanagers (11)

Warblers (3)

Manakins and Mourners (3)

Trogons and Jacamars (4)

Barbets, toucanets, aracaris and toucans (4)

Orioles, Oropendulas, Caciques and Grackles (6)

Sparrows, seedeaters and grassquits (6)

Swallows and Martins (4)

Swifts (4)

Titryas, Fruitcrows and Contingas (3)

Woodpeckers and Piculets (6)

Xenops and Woodcreepers (7)

Motmots and Kingfishers (4)

Chachalacas, Rails, Ducks and Tinamous (4)

Potoos (2)

Bentbills, Flatbills and Spadebills (3)

Cuckoos, Anis and Tropical Mockingbird (3)

Gnatcatchers, Vireos and Shrike vireos (3)

Dacnis and Honeycreepers (3)

Euphonias (3)

Wrens (3)

Tyrant Flycatchers (23)

Parrots (4)

Hummingbirds (9)

Pigeons and Doves (6)

Saltators and Grosbeaks (3)

Tree frog and Green vine snake


Mammals in Panana

Rain forest

The migration in action


Birds seen but not photographed: White Hawk, Plumbeous Hawk, Purple Gallinule, Rufous Nightjar in flight, Common Pauraque, American Pygmy Kingfisher





Birds of Panama

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