Birds of Costa Rica by Paul Gale

Over the two weeks, I managed to see 170 species of birds. This was made possible not only by the variety of National Parks which we visited but also by the knowledge of our guides and the dedication of our coach driver, and my getting up at dawn every day! My attempting to photograph every bird that I saw, paid dividends both in allowing identification of those birds of which I had only fleeting glimpses (e.g. the spotted barbtail and ruddy tree runner in the Monte Verde cloud forest) and later in separating certain species which differ by subtle plumage details (e.g. the fasciated tiger heron and bare-throated tiger heron). I would like to thank the leader, guide, driver and all the ramblers who found and pointed birds out to me, and made this such an enjoyable trip.

Tinamous (1)

Ducks (1)

Carassows & Guans (2) Pelicans (1) Anhingas (1)
Frigate birds (1) Herons (9) Spoonbills & Ibises (2) New World Vultures (3) Hawks & Falcons (15)
Crakes, Rails & Jacanas (3) Waders (6) Terns (2) Pigeons & Doves (5) Parrots (8)
Cuckoos (4) Nightjars (1) Swifts (3) Hummingbirds (8) Motmots (2)
Kingfishers (2) Toucans (4) Woodpeckers (5) Woodcreepers (4) Tyrant Flycatchers (15+)
Becards (2) Manakins (2) Vireos (3) Jays (3) Swallows (5)
Gnatcatchers (1) Wrens (3) Thrushes (5) Wood warblers (13) Banaquit (1)
Tanagers (9) Seedeaters (6) Saltators & Grosbeaks (2) Blackbirds & Orioles (7) Euphonias (2)

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