Seedeaters and finches

A yellow-thighed finch was seen at the Poas volcano but it was raining too hard to photograph. It was black all over except for bright yellow thigh feathers.

Variable seedeater (female) at La Fortuna, note the curved bill.

Variable seedeater (male) at La Fortuna

Variable Seedeater at Tortuguero

Yellow-faced Grassquit (male) at Monte Verde

Yellow-faced Grassquit (female) at Monte Verde

Stripe-headed Sparrow at the Buena Vista Lodge (Rincon de la Vieja National Park)


Rufous-collared Sparrows outside the hotel at San Jose. I photographed these while the 4-wheel drive vehicle which had crashed into our coach was being moved.

...and in the hotel garden at San Jose

Unidentified finch at Rincon de la Vieja National Park

Blue Seedeater - This finch was photographed at Arenal Volcano - it is bluish

House sparrows were also seen.