Pigeons & Doves

The Ruddy Ground Dove, just 7 inches long, is very common.

The Inca Dove is scaly both above and below. Inca Dove at Manuel Antonio

Inca Dove at at the Buena Vista Lodge (Rincon de la Vieja National Park)

Inca Doves and Ruddy Ground Dove at Manuel Antonio

Pale-vented Dove at Manuel Antonio

Pale-vented Dove at Tortuguero

Pigeon/Dove in flight at Arenal volcano


Red-billed pigeon at La Fortuna. The two tone bill is apparent.

White-winged Dove at La Fortuna

White-winged Dove in the hotel garden at San Jose

Inca doves, white-winged dove and blue-gray tanagers on television aerials from the garden of the hotel at San Jose.