Wildlife of the Spanish Pyrenees

All photographs copyright Paul Gale Bird Photography

The Pyrenees is a range of mountains between the Iberian Peninsula and France. The habitats include snow-capped peaks, alpine meadows and vertical rock faces and host some fascinating wildlife species from unique birds such as the black woodpecker, lammergeier, citril finch and wallcreeper to numerous butterflies, including the Camberwell beauty, and even moon moths. This webpage collates the photographs and findings from six trips covering the winter, spring and summer seasons. The spring migration brings extra diversity to the bird population with Northern wheatears and Water Pipits feeding on the alpine pastures, swallows, martins and raptors including Osprey, Booted Eagle and Black Kite following the rivers, and flycatchers and warblers lining the route. Spring also brings breeding migrant species such as Egyptian vulture. The clear air and low light pollution offers great views on The Moon.

February 2004

February 2005

April 2004

May 2014

June 2003

August 2013

Mountains Aug 2013


Western Whip Snake Aug 2013

Mountains (Apr 2004)

Mountains (Feb 2005)

Moon (Feb 2005)

Mountains (June 2003)

Butterflies of the Pyrenees

The Moon February 2004

Mammals of the Pyrenees

Bumble Bees in the Pyrenees Flowers in Pyrenees
Scenery (May 2014) Moths in the Pyrenees  

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