British Butterflies

All photographs copyright Paul Gale Bird Photography

Angle Shades Portland Aug 18 Chalk-hill Blue Portland Jul 18 Clouded Yellow Portland Aug 18
Small Blue Portland Jul 18 Speckled Wood Portland Sep 18 Wall Brown Portland Aug 18
Vapour Moth Aug 18 Wasp Spider Portland Sep 18  
Convolvulus Hawk Moth Portland Aug 18 Elephant Hawk-Moth Tilehurst July 18 Garden Tiger Portland Aug 18
Grayling Portland Jul 18 Jersey Tiger Portland Aug 18 Oak Eggar Portland Aug 18
Painted Lady Portland Aug 18 Red-veined Darter Portland Sep 18 Meadow Brown Portland Aug 18
Purple Emperor Fermyn July 2022 Dragonfly at Minsmere Aug 21 Gatekeeper Jul 19
Large Tortoiseshell Portland July 20 Holly Blue Tilehurst April 17 Small Copper Minsmere Aug 20
Adonis Blue Martin Down May 19 Dark Green Fritillary Jul 19 Wall Brown Jul 19
Chalk-hill Blue Portland Jul 20 Comma Tilehurst April 2017 Common Blue Streatly Hill  May 2017
Cricket Minsmere Aug 20 Crimson Underwing Portland Aug 20 Grayling Portland  Jul 20
Adonis Blue Martin Down May 21 Brimstone  Bentley Wood Jul 21 Brown Argus May 2021 
Duke of Burgundy Cerne Abbas May 21  Glanville Fritillary Isle of Wight May 21  Marsh Fritillary Martin Down Cerne Abbas May 21 
Purple Emperor Bentley Wood Fermyn Jul 21  Silver-washed Fritillary valezina Bentley Jul 21  Small Copper May 21 
Comma Tilehurst 2017 Large Tortoiseshell Portland Mar 2019 Pearl-bordered Fritiliary Devon May 18
White Admiral Bentley 2017 Small Skipper Bentley 2017 Silver-washed Fritilary Tilehurst 2017
Silver-washed Fritilary Bentley 2017 Silver-washed Fritilary Tilehurst 2017 Silver-washed Fritilary valezina Tilehurst 2017
Silver-washed Fritilary Bentley 2017 Silver-washed Fritilary Bentley 2017 Silver-washed Fritilary Bentley 2017
Silver-washed Fritilary Bentley 2017 Silver-washed Fritilary Bentley 2017 Silver-washed Fritilary Bentley 2017
Red Admiral Berkshire 2017 Ringlet Bentley 2017 Silver-washed Fritilary Bentley 2017
Brimstone Bentley wood July 2017 Dragonfly Bentley Gatekeeper Bentley 2017
Green-viened White Bentley 2017 Marbled White Bentley 2017 Meadow Brown
Peacock Bentley 2017 Purple Emperor Bentley 2017 Red Admiral Bentley 2017
Isles of Scilly Speckled Wood Oct 15 British Swallowtail, Norfolk Broads, Jun 16 Large Blue Collard Hill June 2016
Duke of Burgundy May 16 Marsh Fritillary and Duke of Burgundy habitat Dorset Marsh Fritillary Dorset May 16
Dingy Skipper Dorset May 16 Common Blue Maiden Castle June 16  
Grayling Gt Orme Hd July 15 Great Orme Head July 2015 Silver-studded Blue, Great Orme Head July 2015
Large Heath Mid Wales Jul 15 Large Heath Habitat Mid Wales Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary Mid Wales July 15
Purple Emperor Fermyn Woods 1 Purple Emperor Fermyn Woods 2 Purple Emperor Fermyn Woods 3
Purple Emperor Fermyn Woods 4 Purple Emperor Fermyn Woods 5 Purple Emperor Fermyn Woods 6
Purple Emperor Fermyn Woods 7 Purple Emperor Fermyn Woods 8 Purple Emperor Fermyn Woods 9
Purple Emperor Fermyn Woods 10 Purple Emperor Fermyn Woods 11 and 12 Photographing Purple Emperors
White Admiral Fermyn Woods Purple Emperor more Fermyn Woods Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary Tregaron Jul 15
Purple Emperor landed on my finger, Bentley Wood Jul 2013 Purple Emperor Bentley Wood, July 2015 Purple Emperor habitat Bentley Wood
Purple Emperor Underside, Bentley Wood Red Admiral Bentley Wood Painted Lady Bentley Wood Jul 15
Comma Hutchinson's, Bentley Wood July 2015 Essex Skipper Bentley Wood White Admiral Bentley Jul 15
Silver-washed Fritillary valezina Bentley Wood Silver-washed Fritillary valezina dark Bentley Wood Silver-washed Fritillary Bentley Wood Jul 15
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary Wales 2015 Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary Wales underside Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary habitat Wales
Large Blue Somerset Large Blue habitat Somerset Painted Lady Somerset
Marsh Fritillary upper-side Marsh Fritillary underside Marsh Fritillary habitat
Brown Argus Cerne Abbas May 15 Dingy Skipper Cerne Abbas May 2015 Grizzled Skipper Cerne Abbas
European Swallowtails breeding in Dorset European Swallowtail Dorset European Swallowtails Dorset
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Dartmoor Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Devon Peacock Devon
Grizzled Skipper, Dorset Heath Fritillary, Southwest England Marsh Fritillary, Dorset
Brown Argus, Somerset Duke of Burgundy Fritillary, Dorset Dingy Skipper, Dorset

Monarch Butterfly, Portland, Sep 2012 Monarch Butterfly, St Agnes, Isles of Scilly Oct 1999

Monarch butterfly, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, Oct 1998

Black-veined White (probable release) Stockbridge Down, 2007 Brimstone, Stockbridge Down Chalk-Hill Blue, Stockbridge Down
Common Blue, Larden Chase, Streatley Dark-Green Fritillary, Stockbridge Down, July 2007 Clouded Yellow, Isles of Scilly
Comma, Bentley Wood Dark-green Fritillary, Bentley Wood Dark-green Fritillary, Stockbridge 2013
Essex Skipper, Bentley Wood Gatekeeper, Bentley Wood Green-veined White, Tregaron
Common Blue, Collard Hill Green Hairstreak, Dartmoor Heath Fritillary, Devon
High-brown Fritillary, Wales, underside High-brown Fritillary, Wales, upperside High-brown Fritillary, habitat
Holly Blue, Dartmoor Large Blue, Collard Hill Large Heath, mid Wales
Large Skipper Large White Marbled White
Meadow Brown Purple Hairstreak, Bernwood, Oxford Ringlet
Silver-studded Blue, Pamber, male Silver-studded Blue, Pamber, female Silver-studded Blue, Pamber, underside
Silver-washed Fritillary, Bentley Wood Silver-washed Fritillary, underside Small Heath
Speckled Wood Small Tortoiseshell Red Admiral
Small Skipper Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Wales Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Wales, underside
White Admiral, Bentley Wood Chalk-hill Blue, Streatley Hill Brown Hairstreak, Ceredigion
Comma, Bentley Wood, August Common Blue, Streatley Hill, August Gatekeeper Bentley Wood
Grayling, Great Orme Head Green-veined White, Bentley Wood Purple Emperor, Bentley Wood
Purple Hairstreak, Bentley Wood Silver-studded Blue, Great Orme Head Silver-washed Fritillary, Berkshire
Small Copper Wall Brown, Wales Adonis Blue, Dorset
Clouded Yellow Portland Sep 2014 Black Hairstreak Oxford Dark-green Fritillary Wales
Red Admiral Portland Sep 2014 Silver-washed Fritillary Bentley Wood Lulworth Skipper Dorset
Clouded Yellow, Steart, Somerset 1 Nov 2014 Helice Clouded Yellow, Steart, Somerset, 1 November 2014  
Small Elephant Hawk-moth (Collard Hill) Death's Head Hawk-moth, Isles of Scilly Convolvulus Hawk-moth, Isles of Scilly
Bee Orchid, Collard Hill Pyramidal Orchid, Collard Hill Common Lizard, Bentley Wood
Moth spp Streatley Hill Smooth Newt, Wales Wood Tiger, Dorset
Tiger Moth Bentley Wood Jul 14 Hornet Bentley Wood Convolvulus Hawk Moth, St Mary's, Oct 2014
Crimson Speckled, St Mary's, Oct 2014 Hummingbird Hawk Moth, St Mary's, Oct 2014 Burnet Companion Moth, Dorest Somerset
Orchids Scarce Silver Lines Moth Bentley Wood Five-spot Burnet Tregaron Bog
Lesser Butterfly Orchid Wales Heath Spotted Orchid Wales Bee Orchid Portland June 16
Orchids at Ynyslas July 2015 Dragonfly, Cymtudu Cream-spotted Tiger Moth Portland June 16
Orchids at Collard Hill May 16 Eyed Hawk Moth, Portland June 2016 Private Hawk Moth Portland June 2016
White Ermine Moth Portland June 16 Small Elephant Hawk Moth Portland June 2016  
Adder Minsmere Mar 22 Burnt tip Orchid Martin Down May 19  
Swallowtail (abroad) Scarce Swallowtail (Pyrenees) Hummingbird Hawk-moth (Pyrenees)

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