Birds not photographed in Peru, Sketches by Paul Gale

Fork-tailed Palm-Swift. Seen at Iquitos airport. The first rule of bird photography is always take one's camera even if it's just to get out of the car to inspect a site. The second rule is never to use a telephoto lens at an airport. I could have got great pictures of this swift as it flew around the airport entrance with several hundred Southern Martins.

Leaving Machu Picchu on the train, a white-capped dipper was on the rocks in the Urubamba River with two Torrent Ducks. The dipper was the leucocephalus form with a black belly. A water colour sketch of those birds is shown below.

Also seen from the Machu Picchu train were two guans. Black guans were seen in Costa Rica. The front of one was orange, suggesting Sickle-winged Guan.

Two seedsnipe seen in flight from the coach in the high Andes.

Birds of Peru

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