Birds of lowlands around Manokwarie and Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia

October 2016

All photographs copyright Paul Gale Bird Photography

Birds of Manokwarie lowlands

Black Sunbird Blyth's Hornbill Claret-breasted Fruit-Dove
Collared Sparrowhawk Grey Crow Lesser Bird-of-Paradise
Long-tailed Buzzard Lowland Peltops Northern Variable Pitohui
Palm Cockatoo Pygmy Eagle Sulphur-crested Cockatoo


Birds of Sorong, photographed from the 5th floor of the hotel. Stayed here after return from Waigeo island before flying onto Manokwarie the following morning. The white-bellied sea-eagle flew past the window at eye-level and Pacific Swifts circled.

White-breasted Woodswallow White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Sorong Tern Sorong
Pacific Swallow Sorong Pacific Swift Sorong View of Sorong airport runway from hotel window


Indonesia and West Papua

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