Bay of Biscay

Photographs taken from the Passenger Ferries going from Santander to Plymouth in August/Sept

All photographs copyright Paul Gale Bird Photography

Little Shearwater Manx Shearwater Biscay Aug 2003 Little Shearwater Biscay, 2005
Cuvier's beaked Whale Fin Whale Pilot Whale
Pomarine Skua Sperm Whale Striped Dolphin
Tuna Whimbrel migrating Great Skua, Biscay
Fin Whale, Bay of Biscay Striped Dolphin Bottle-nosed Dolphin
Gannet Biscay Common Dolphin, Biscay Balearic Shearwater
Arctic Skua Bottle-nosed Whale Common Dolphins Biscay
Cory's Shearwater Cuvier's beaked Whale Dolphins
Fin Whale Great Shearwater Great Shearwater rafts
Great Skua Great Skua chasing Cory's Shearwater Manx Shearwater Biscay
Montague's Harrier migration Biscay Pomarine Skua imm Sabine's Gull Biscay
Sperm Whale Biscay Striped Dolphin Minke Whale Biscay

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