Petrels in the South Atlantic and Antarctica

by Paul Gale

We saw some 19 species of petrel. Of these the most numerous particularly around South Georgia are the prions. They are, however, very difficult to tell apart, and here they are divided broadly into Antarctic Prions (with narrow black tail bands) and Fairy Prions (with broad black tail bands).

Grey-backed Storm Petrel

Black-bellied Storm Petrel

Wilson's storm Petrel

Snow Petrel

Pintardo Petrel

Grey Petrel

Southern Fulmar

Southern Giant Petrel

Northern Giant Petrel

Great Shearwater

Sooty Shearwater

White-chinned Petrel

Soft-plumaged Petrel

Fairy Prion

Antarctic Prion

Magellanic Diving Petrel

South Georgian Diving-Petrel

Common Diving-Petrel

Blue Petrel seen and photographed, but I cannot find the photo amongst the 13,500 pictures which I took. I think it went behind a wave as I pressed the shutter!